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Know About All Astrological Benefits of Wearing Natural Pearl (Moti) Ring

24 March, 2021
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Pearl is an organic and most common gemstone recommended by astrologers for solving a variety of life problems. A natural white moti holds great significance and place in the world of gems and is called Queen of stones. This jyotish ratna is a wise choice for its soothing and calming effect. The beautiful round stone is addressed as Moti in Hindi, and is related to the Moon for which pearl ensures peace of mind and well-being in an individual. Produced by sea creatures, the white coloured stone worn in silver metal is just perfect for people who get angry easily and lose their temper. High quality Pearl is considered as a great option to be worn as jewellery.

About the Gem

Best quality pearls are said to be sourced from South India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Mexico. Different pearls exist with different energy attributes, uniqueness, price value, features etc. Apart from the natural white pearls, black and golden varieties are also available in the market. However, the most valuable are the ones found in Basra city of Persian Gulf which are sold in the market by the name of Basra Pearls. A pure white natural pearl with rosy overtone is the most preferred choice followed by the cream coloured pearl. Pearls are also desirable on the basis of their hardness, lustre, origin, carat weight, surface perfection, shape and treatments. These factors also determine the quality and price of the pearl. Plastic, treated and imitation pearls have no healing properties as such.


Who should wear pearls?

Pearl is said to pacify the planet Moon. Pearl acts as a birthstone for those born in the month of June. Basically, it strengthens the moon in the wearer’s horoscope. It is best for people born with Cancer zodiac sign or kark rashi. Ascendants of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces can also wear pearl gemstone for astrological benefits.

The precious stone is formed in water, is cool and is considered mild by nature so it doesn’t cause any negative influence to the wearer as such. Everybody can comfortably wear it for healing effects and other benefits. However, gem consultation from a gem dealer or an expert is always recommended.

Why should you wear pearls?

Pearls are extremely important for your personal energy. If you are mentally weak, emotional and have uncontrollable anger, you must opt for pearls. People benefit from pearls as it helps them stay calm, composed and positive. Chandra ratna as the pearl is called; it charges you up with the divine energies of the Moon.

Benefits of Pearls

It has been a symbol of class, royalty and magnificence since time immemorial. Equally great are its healing properties and astrological benefits. Let’s have a look:

Support Psychological Health- Wearing the original moti makes the wearer emotionally healthy by controlling their anger, depression, mood swings and intolerance. The calming effect of pearls is helpful for individual’s suffering from mental disturbances or diseases.

Instils self-confidence- Counsellors, speakers and orators benefit a lot from the queen of gem as it helps them express and communicate with confidence. It helps to bring clarity in thoughts of the wearer. 

Benefited for Teenagers- The mystical stone is beneficial for children below 12 years if they are facing health issues. They should preferably wear it in a moon-shaped pendant close to the throat chakra.

Physical Health and Fitness- Moti helps in keeping the heart, skin and eyes healthy. It also controls pneumonia and maintains water balance in the body of the native.

Improve Maternal Relationship- Moon is associated with the nurturer in the astrology, wearing moon stone health of native’s mother improves and a great harmony develops between the mother and the native.

Beauty benefits- Natural pearls are very helpful to gain shining skin and bright eyes with robust body structure.

Proper way to wear an astrological pearl?

Follow these steps and you can activate and energize your gem for yielding good results.

  • Dip the ring in a mixture of raw milk, pure water (Gangajal) and honey.

  • Put the pearl ring on the little finger of the working hand. 

  • Monday early morning between 5 to 7 AM is the right time to wear your moti.

  • Chant the mantra ‘Om Chandraya Naham’ (ओ३म् चन्द्राय नमः)  108 times before wearing.

  • For best results one should wear it in silver metal only.

Best quality, natural and 100% pure pearl is lustrous and round in shape. So, if you want your pearl to be free of flaws and impurities, you can buy original pearls online or offline from Brahma Gems store. It’s a one-stop solution for genuine and high-performing pearls with its overall worth. You can select from a vast range of lab certified pearls from the authorized gem dealer in Delhi, Brahma Gems.

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