Gemstones are beautiful, rare and precious and hence come at a great price. However, it is imperative to note that due to lack of awareness, one might even buy a fake or synthetic gemstone. Gemstones are used both for jewellery and astrological purposes. It has become extremely difficult to find whether the distributor is selling the authentic gemstones or not. Brahma Gems is one of the largest distributors of gemstones in Delhi. They deal in selling authentic and certified gemstones in Delhi. 

There’s no particular way by which one can detect whether the gemstone is a fake or real. Some baseless matter is doing the rounds on the internet suggesting some sort of tests in order to find the truth. Most of them are just purely baseless and mythical. Also, some myths such as ‘buy 100% clean and clear gemstone’ are propagated as well. However, the fact is that, certain gemstones have natural inclusions on them just like birthmarks. Transparent, flawless and 100% clear gemstones are rare to find and hence they are extremely expensive. Before buying any gemstone, always consult an experienced and qualified gemologist. Any kind of cavities, scratches, surface cracks and big black spots should be noticed.

Some tests are purely based on facts. For instance, the density is checked through heft merely by feeling the heaviness of the gemstone. Laboratory reports must be asked for before buying any gemstone. If you are looking for certified gemstones online, do contact us anytime.