Negative effects of emerald: Who should not wear emerald gemstone

29 December, 2020
Negative effects of emerald: Who should not wear emerald gemstone

Emerald green stone is a highly beneficial stone that helps to boost your creativity and other skills. It is also known to help you improve your memory and cognition. Emeralds also contribute to earning more fame. The stone will help you do wonders if it suits you; on the other hand, if you wear it without proper consultation, it can have negative consequences on your life.


Who should not wear emeralds? 

The emerald green stone is beneficial for people who have Mercury as their ruling/prominent planet. Thus, people who have zodiac signs that are incompatible with Mercury should avoid wearing emeralds. 

Some zodiac signs that do not go very well with emerald are as follows:

  • Aries: People with this sun sign have Mars as their prominent planet. Mars does not go quite well with Mercury, so these people should not use this stone unless Mercury is in the III, VII, or X house.

  • Cancer: People with this sun sign should not use emerald. However, they can wear the stone if Mercury is in advantageous positions.

  • Scorpio: If you happen to be a Scorpio, you should not use the emerald green stone. You can, however, wear the stone when Mercury is positioned as the central planet for you.

Apart from the sun signs mentioned above, people who belong to Pisces and Aquarius should also consult trustworthy astrologers before opting to wear emerald.


Besides, people for whom the following conditions hold should not wear the stone:

  • If Mercury is in unfavorable positions for you.

  • If you can focus on things without difficulty.

  • If you already have a brilliant memory.

  • If you have to lie or give false testimonies.

  • If little things quickly impact you.

  • If you happen to be scheming against others.

  • If your belongings are stolen frequently.

  • If you are prone to allergies.


What are the negative effects of emerald?

Well, if you happen to wear emerald green stone without any prior consultation, you might have to face grave repercussions.

Some adverse effects that emerald is known to cause are as follows:

  • Negative impact on mental health: If natural emerald isn’t compatible with your sun sign, it can hamper your mental health. It can result in a mental imbalance that can hinder your performance in general and professional life. It might also result in some mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and paranoia.

  • Negative impact on personal life: Wearing an emerald without proper consultation can affect your relationship with parents, in-laws, and children.

  • Negative impact on physical health: Besides impacting mental health negatively, emerald can also create skin problems and throat ailments if worn without consultation. Furthermore, it can also affect the physical (and mental health) of your children.

  • Negative impact on financial status: Natural emerald can put you into a lot of trouble concerning finances if not worn correctly; no matter how hard you try to keep your expenses under control, the money will slip right under the radar.


Can wearing an emerald be harmful?

Well, yes! Wearing emerald might land you in dire situations if Mercury does not work well with your dominant planet. Also, even if your dominant planet is somewhat, if not wholly, compatible with your prominent planet, you should be very careful while wearing the stone because the emerald will work in your favor only when Mercury is in favorable positions.

To take an example, Moon (prominent for Cancer) and Mercury work well sometimes but, at other times, they are highly incompatible and can result in considerable harm.

Moreover, it would be best if you procured natural emerald only. There are loads of fake gemstones, and you ought to be wary about it. Wearing faux or weak gemstones is not only a waste of money; it can also attract negative cosmic energy, which can create unfavorable situations for you and your family.


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