Negative Effects of Ruby Gemstone- Who Should not wear Ruby

By Brahma Gems September 22, 2020
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Ruby is believed to be the lord of gemstones. This gemstone is related to the Sun, ruler of the Zodiac. Ruby, also known as Manek, is a valuable stone whose deep hues attract everybody. Many claims that the natural ruby stone has the power to restore youth and is considered to be a symbol of love. The Sun nurtures a ruby’s supernatural powers, which provides indispensable vitality to people. Additionally, it is an embodiment of Kalpurusha’s spirit. A regular ruby or original manik stone is costlier than most jewelry. In Western countries, ruby is the birthstone of people born in July. It is essential to understand why you must or must not wear particular gemstones and buy a genuine ruby gemstone in the case of the former.

Who can wear a ruby?

It would be ideal to look at the following points before you buy gemstones online, particularly rubies. You must ensure that you buy a certified ruby gemstone. If you wear a ruby, the following things may happen:

  • You are bound to do exceptionally well on difficult tests while wearing a ruby. Thus the people who usually wear rubies are clinical specialists, agriculturists, lawmakers, and government staff.

  • The ruby may prove favorable for individuals conceived between August 16 and September 17.

  • Individuals born on the first, tenth, and twenty-eighth date of any month can also benefit from donning a ruby.

  • Rubies favor understudies, stockbrokers, geologists, engineers, specialists, judges, legal advisors, and policymakers. While wearing a ruby, these professionals find it easier to tackle their jobs.

Who should not wear ruby gemstones?

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces ascendants should never wear rubies. This is because of the Sun’s position and its enmity with these planetary positions.

Side effects of wearing rubies

Synthetic or duplicate rubies can harm your body. Hence, one must choose natural gemstone online from a well-known gemstone dealer, like Brahma Gems. If the position of the Sun is unfavorable to certain houses, it is more likely to invoke hostile forces that can have disastrous consequences. When you buy ruby online, take the utmost care in selecting a dealer. Checkout the wide variety available at reasonable ruby stone price.

Negative effects of wearing a ruby gemstone

The Sun is not an auspicious presence for a few ascendants, and it will not be as beneficial as expected. It is the enemy of all Venus ascendants. Previously mentioned ascendants should avoid Ruby gemstones unless the Sun occupies a favorable position from the lunar ascendant.

The ruby gemstone can be a very auspicious stone, but only if it suits an individual. It is best suited for government workers, leaders, and politicians. A ruby’s healing properties include individuals getting blessed with good health, impeccable eyesight, healthy blood circulation, and a glowing complexion. Choose the best online platform like Brahma gems to purchase certified and the best quality gemstones.