Holder of immeasurable powers of mars, red coral is known as Praval or Moonga in Hindi. It has a very special place in astrology and gemstone world. Majorly found in Italia and Japan, red coral is worn to enhance the positive energy of mars and also to get a protective shield against destructive powers of Mangal. If you are searching for an authentic red coral you can buy RED CORAL stone online India from Brahmagems.com with an expert Astro advice.

What astrology tells about benefits of Red Coral

1. It cures from inauspicious effects of Mangalik dosh.

2. It gives a fearless attitude to stand against enemies.

3. People in the field of the jewelry business, restaurant, army, and police can get great benefits from red coral.

4. For best results, one should try to wear only Italian and Japanese corals only.

5. 5 to 9 carats red coral is idle to wear.

6. It should be worn on the ring finger.

7. Recite the mantra “Om An Angarkaye Namah” eleven times, while wearing a red coral.

8. Red coral starts giving effects within 9 days and remain effective till 3 years.

9. For good effects, a red coral should be worn in Shukla Paksha of Tuesday morning between 5 to 7 am.

10. Red coral protects against the ill effects of black magic and the evil eye.

Mars represents energy, blood circulation, ambition and vitality. It’s a powerful stone capable of giving desired results, but a good astrological advice is necessary before wearing a red coral otherwise it may be harmful too.