Red Coral is the gemstone related to the planet mars who represents the war, aggression, and high belligerence. So as the red Coral exist in the color of blood and vengeance, which is the main attribute of its native planet i.e. red, and also exists as saffron, scarlet, white and pink to vermilion red. You can BUY RED CORAL STONE ONLINE INDIA from Brahma Gems, a premium online store for excellent quality gemstone.

It leads a person on the path to success and dominance, removes hurdles from the way of success, and boosts him with self-confidence to live a splendid and fearless life.

Benefits of Red Coral:

  • Enhancing self-confidence.
  • Boosting administrative skills.
  • Strengthen the perseverance in the adverse situation.

Astrological significance:

  • Related to mars that possess the attributes of war and energy.
  • Diminishes the Mangal dosha.

Health benefits:

  • Prevention of diseases like- fever, piles, impotency, typhus and small pox.
  • Saves children from rickets and stomach pain.
  • Cures knee pain, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Chakra benefits: Connected to muladhar chakra. It is Located near the base end of the spinal column.

  • Red Coral re-energizes the root chakra.
  • Helps in regaining the self-confidence.
  • Cultivate positive outlook on life.

How to check the genuineness of the stone?

  • Deeper red color, even shape and a dent free surface.
  • The color of the stone changes to pink when placed in the cow’s milk.

Who can wear?

The red Coral gem is generally recommended to the person with the zodiac sign Aries and Scorpio. It is also preferred by players, policemen, soldiers, electricians, workers of ordinance factory and surgeons.

How to wear?

It can be worn with ring, necklace, earring or pendant, but the Red Coral embedded with a copper ring or studded in gold or silver ring can magnify the results.