An enthralling blend of divine beauty and powers of the sun, Ruby is known as the king of stones. Used in jewelry and astrology from ancient times, this precious stone is a symbol of eternal love, and source of perpetual courage and power. Burmese rubies found in Burma are purest and highest quality but it can also be found in Sri-Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Central Asia, Madagascar and India. Passionate lovers of rubies can buy Ruby stone online India through with an expert astrological advice on gemstones.

The saying “She is more precious than Rubies” is enough to explain the importance of ruby stones in human life.

Amazing facts about Rubies

1. It is one of the four internationally recognized precious stones with other three gemstones namely sapphire, diamond and emerald.

2. At the time of the possibility of any mishappening with its wearer, the stone starts changing its color.

3. Ruby stone is made of corundum which comes in many other colors but they are known as sapphires and only red corundum is called as ruby.

4. Ruby word is taken from a Latin word rubens which mean red.

 What Astrology Advise About Ruby

1. Protects from depression and dissolve confusion by giving a sharp, alert focused eye.

2. It’s a treasure of benefits for agriculturists, government personnel, politicians, medicine practitioners and those who are preparing for competitive exams.

3. Resolves the health issues related to blood circulation, brain hemorrhage and poor eyesight.

4. Prevents from sinful spirits.

How to wear Ruby

1. For best results, it should be embedded in silver or gold.

2. A ruby stone between 3 to 6 carats is considered as best to wear.

3. Before wearing it should be kept in honey or Gangajal to exculpate all impurities and negativities.

Recite the mantra “Om Suryaye Namah” while wearing a ruby stone.