The world of gemstones has always attracted curious minds who crave to know the secrets of gemstones which arise from myths that are related to these gems. Some myths are very interesting while some may sound weird. Being one of the leading dealers of certified gemstones in Delhi and blessed with the eternal trust of customers Brahmagems want to tell its buyers and customers about various myths and false beliefs about gemstones. As we want our clients to stay free from all kind of uncertainties and confusions, so that, they can choose these shimmering pieces of luck without any fear in mind.


Here are some interesting myths about gemstones that one should know about:

1. Rose quartz – It is believed that if you give a rose quartz to a baby, it will help him/her in the transformation from the spirit or non-physical world to a physical body.

2. Tourmaline – According to an ancient Egyptian legend, the stone tourmaline travelled along a rainbow during its journey from deep layers of earth to its surface towards the Sun. And that is why the stone comes in nearly all colors.

3. Amber – In ancient times, sailors used to believe that burning amber ensures safety from sea monsters.

4. Chrysoprase – It’s a green variety of chalcedony which is valued as a gemstone. It is believed that Alexander the Great could conquer all wars as he used to wear a Chrysoprase on his girdle. But one day when he was bathing in Euphrates River (one of the longest river of Western Asia) took off his girdle and a serpent bit off the Chrysoprase stone and slithered into the water with it. After having this gem, Alexander could never win any battle. 

5. Turquoise – It is said that there was an American chief whose skin's color resembled the color of a turquoise. One day, he was running in a desert to escape from his enemies.  Wherever he stopped to rest, beads of his sweat fell to the ground and got collected in rocks and transformed into the turquoise gem.

6. According to another myth, the Apache people(American Indian people who live in New Mexico and Arizona) believed that attaching turquoise to a weapon will upgrade its accuracy.

7. The Precious Four – It is believed that Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire which are given the name of four precious stones has a long history.  But in reality, the actual traditional list had the names of many other gemstones too.  


Some Other Myths

1. The Gemstones can be worn only for Astro reasons - It is believed that gemstone can be worn for astrological reasons only, but it’s not true as gemstones hold a big share in the jewellery industry and one can wear it as jewellery too.  Grand jewellery shows and exhibitions can’t happen without gemstone jewellery.

2. Used gemstones can be worn for astrological benefits – This myth is a result of inadequate knowledge of gemstones and unfortunately, there are many gemstone sellers who give such foolish suggestions to people. But in reality, if you are wearing a gemstone for astrological reasons, you will get no benefits from it because with time, a used stone starts losing its healing properties.

3. Gemstones are for only rich people – Usually, it is believed, that gemstone are quite expensive and a common man can’t afford to buy a gemstone. But, the price of a gem depends on carat, cut, clarity and inclusions. If you want to buy a gemstone on low price, you can buy a low carat stone as it will not cost you much.

 Next time when you buy a gemstone, release all these myths from your mind. The only two rules are, if you want to wear a gem as a jewellery, then choose a piece which quenches the thirst of your eyes. And if you are looking for an astrological solution then taking an expert Astro advice will be best.