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Stone Power: How Gemstones Can Be Amazing For Your Health

22 September, 2018

Gemstones have a rich history and a glorious past, right from staying in depths of oceans and lands to serving the prestigious people from ancient times they have been around us for many years and in different forms. During the reign of Kings and Queens, gemstones were considered to be things of Kingly. Common people never have a reach to them.

Time changed and people took charge of themselves, still, the uber class had all the privilege of owning them gemstones (by wealth) and they wore it with grace, class, and dignity. Again time changed, now it has come to an extent that anyone can afford them. Gemstones were worn as Jewelry in the past but there are few examples where they were also been used for remedial purposes the Greeks and their neighbor countries used gemstones for their medicinal effects.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” Robert Urich

Gemstones are not only limited to showcase prosperity, wealth, status and power but also for their health benefits too, we will have a look at the remedial abilities of few gemstones.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

As per Vedic Astrology, Neelam belongs to planet Saturn (Shani)

Neelam is known as an auspicious gemstone and it possesses great powers. Neelam has the ability which makes it act fast and you can feel the change in yourself within 3 days to 1 month if worn properly with consultation and precautions. If worn during one’s sade sathi or Saturn Cycle, Neelam can provide miraculous benefits. Don’t go for the gemstone without taking the proper advice of the astrologer as the negative effects can even harm you. Always opt for honest and original Neelam gemstones. Don’t fall prey for fake advertisements.

Neelam attributes some great remedial powers the person wearing it can feel a boost in vital energy and activeness. The gemstone also helps an individual with vision and hearing related issues as well as enhances memory. According to Astrology, Neelam is known to open the Ajna Chakra in the human body which manages pituitary organs, imagination power, and creative abilities. To know the Neelam blue sapphire price, visit Brahma Gems.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

As per Vedic Astrology, Pukhraj belongs to planet Jupiter (Brihaspati)

Pukhraj is other precious gemstones from the Sapphire family and is known for its healing abilities among various gemstones. As Jupiter is the planet of Wisdom & Fortune, Pukhraj attributes much of it. The individual wearing certified yellow sapphire can be blessed with better decision-making abilities, it helps in making the person focus clearly. Pukhraj can be beneficial for a person suffering from Stomach ailments, weak digestive systems and in a disease like Jaundice. Wearing an original Yellow Sapphire during the Rahu Mahadash or Rahu Antardasha can be very helpful in terms of health and prosperity.


White Sapphire (Safed Pukhraj)

As per Vedic Astrology, Safed Pukhraj belongs to planet Venus (Shukra)

Safed Pukhraj belongs to the auspicious sapphire family and is the gemstone of Planet Venus. According to Vedic Astrology, Safed Pukhraj is the alternative of Diamonds (Heera) and a very rare gem whose occurrence is very rare. Safed Pukhraj is known for its wealth proves and has a direct impact on prosperity & wealth gain. Safed Pukhraj also possesses some health benefits. People suffering from fertility and reproductive problems can opt for this magical gemstone. It benefits the individual with immunity.

 Wearing Safed Pukhraj can also be helpful in terms of beauty as it has powers to benefit the individual by attractiveness.


Red Coral (Moonga)

As per Vedic Astrology, Red Coral (Moonga) belongs to planet Mars (Mangal)

The gemstone gifted with the most number of benefits belongs to the Planet Mars also known as Mangal. Moonga can make you victorious and let you gain the upper hand over your enemies & opponents. Moonga also benefits the individual from vitality, blood circulation and helps overcome procrastination & laziness. It also helps you being logical at times and gains you with great intellectual abilities. Moonga also helps a person with mental depression & nervousness and grants him/her energy, hope, and vigor. Moonga has healing abilities and helps in face boils, acne, cuts, wounds, bruises, and injuries.


Rose Quartz (Sphatik)

Also known as the ‘love stone’ a beautiful looking Rose Quartz (Sphatik) is the stone which benefits the individuals with unconditional love, warmth, joy, and feeling. The Sphatik is a ‘feel good’ gemstone and heals you from heartaches especially in the matter of love. If you are an agitated person Sphatik has the powers to calm you down and soothe you. Wear it near your coronary heart in a pendant. This gemstone is for people who are in a troubled relationship. It heals love wounds.


Amethyst (Jambumani)

A beautiful looking purple gemstone, the amethyst boosts the wearer with strength, courage as well as peace.

This gemstone is actually for everyone as each one of us is suffering from tension, stress, and temper issues. Amethyst also benefits the person who has addiction problems.


Pearl (Moti)

The most auspicious gemstone ever, Pearl soothes you just from one view. Find deep under the beds of oceans and sleeping under the laps of oysters. Moti is a rare gemstone and possesses great healing benefits. No doubt you feel happy after wearing Moti, that’s one of the many. It benefits from unwell-digestive systems, fertility troubles, and heart issues. Nowadays, Pearl powder is used in makeup glowing complexion. Buy Basra Pearl Online from a certified seller like Brahma Gems.