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The Best Day and Process of Wearing Your Rudrakshas

31 December, 2018
Wearing Rudraksha is the best option in order to support one's physical and mental health and metaphysical development. Holy writings say that Rudraksha must be cleaned and empowered before wearing out of the blue. It must be worn on a favourable day. The best decision is on Monday. Pick a Monday during Shuklapaksha (waxing period of the moon) or some other auspicious day connected with Lord Shiva. On the picked day, wake up early and take a bath. Clean the puja place and set a photo of Lord Shiva and brighten it with flowers.

Wash the Rudraksha properly with holy water. Place the Rudraksha on a clean plate and keep before the sacrificial stone. Embellish it with shoe glue. Light an oil light on either side of the divine stone and furthermore light aroma sticks. Keep a few flowers on the Rudraksha. 

Complete a puja to Lord Ganesha and ask him to expel everyone of the snags in the way of wearing Rudraksha. Offer some Prasad to Lord Ganesha and furthermore offer incense and camphor arati. After that, do a puja to Lord Shiva. Serenade the mantra 'Om Namashivaya' 108 times. As you would have definitely known at this point, each Rudraksha has an alternate number of countenances. There is a specific Bheej mantra for each kind of Rudraksha. Pick the correct one from the rundown depending upon the Rudraksha design you have with you 

Chant the mantra 27 times for each of the Mukha in your Rudraksha. This means if you have a four Mukha Rudraksha, you should complete four cycles of 27 times droning the mantra. Wave incense sticks before the Rudraksha, petition God for the favours of Lord Shiva and wear the Rudraksha. Do arati to Lord Shiva and prostrate before Lord Shiva. 

When you have worn the Rudraksha, now you are a profound hopeful. It is important that you chant the Bheej mantra fitting to the sort of Rudraksha you are wearing every day. Chant the Rudraksha Beej mantra in cycles of 3, 9, 27 or 108 according to your benefit day by day early in the day. 

Also, chant 'Om Namashivaya' in a similar number. The more you serenade these mantras, the more is the energy of Rudraksha. Since you have known how to wear Rudraksha out of the blue, have a cheerful and heavenly time with your Rudraksha.