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Top certifications to assure authenticity of gemstones

05 June, 2021
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A gemstone certificate is a document that evaluates gemstones based on different quality parameters. It is issued by licensed gemological laboratories. While certain certificates verify authenticity & weight, others (for example in the case of diamonds) can specify color and clarity grades. 

A gemstone expert before certification examines or measures minor details of a gemstone and then issues a detailed report based on the inspection.

Why are gemstone certificates important?

Why is gemstone certification important though? It is important because of the huge number of fake gemstones or synthetic gemstones that are being sold to unsuspecting customers. Thus certification is used to restrict such false practices in the future which defraud the public. Legit gemstone dealers who sell certified gemstones online & offline have found a way through an institute to research or examine various aspects of a gemstone, like color, shape, clarity, treatment, etc. to ensure authenticity. 

A certification has another benefit. It can help you keep track of your astrological gemstones if they are ever lost or stolen. 

What does gemstone certification include?

Gemstone certification information includes several factors like:

  • If the gemstone is authentic/synthetic/fake.

  • Whether the gemstone is treated & heated or non-treated & non-heated.

  • The quality of the color of the gemstone.

  • Gemstone weight in carats.

  • Different cuts of a gemstone.

  • The unique gravity of the gemstone.

  • The gem’s refractive index.

  • The gem’s hardness in Mohs Scale.

In a detailed report, you might also be able to trace inclusions that can help you determine the country of the gemstone's origin. 

For diamonds, a report might have a blueprint of the internal as well as external characteristics of the stone. 

In the case of colored stones, such a blueprint might not be there but an image of the colored stone might take its place. 

Best gemstone certifications in India

Gemstone certification has quickly become a lucrative business with a great many companies getting into it. The increase in interest comes as people become more aware of the abundance of fakes in the market. But the wealth of certifications may make people confused about which certificate is good and which isn't. If you aren't quite familiar, feel free to ask jewelers or gemologists or astrologers, or even respected suppliers & people in the industry. 

Not every certificate is made equal. Every certificate isn't worth the same, neither is it appropriate for each gemstone. Before you buy gemstones online or offline, make sure the certifying agency which has given the gem a certificate is neutral and not involved in or benefitting from the purchase. 

Since the American Gemological Society is very well regarded in the jewelry industry in the certifying process, their AGS certificate is as well regarded and a sign of authenticity. In fact, with AGS, you can even verify the certificates. 

GIA or the Gemological Institute of America's certificates are also highly regarded because GIA is the largest & the most trusted gemological lab. GIA's diamond grading standards are accepted Internationally because it is consistent as well as reliable. 

Then there are other labs like EGL that certify diamonds. However, they have often been considered not as good as GIA or AGS certification because their color and clarity grades are off. That is why it is important to compare certifications before you believe in their grades. 

Before you trust any certification, you must understand that anyone can order a GIA certification. The GIA can do multiple things, from checking a gemstone for authenticity to creating a full diamond grading report. They can even apply microscopic laser inscriptions on the girdle of a diamond for a fee, albeit small. 

Just like that, even the AGS certification can do a lot of things. 

How to check a gemstone certificate?

For GIA, you can simply go to GIA Report Check and input the Report number from your certificate to check for authenticity. 

For AGS certification, enter the AGS number that is on the report onto the website and check for authenticity. 

Every certificate comes with a way to check for authentication; you can always check for the process on the internet if need be or if you want to buy certified gemstones online, you can choose a trusted seller like Brahma Gems. 

It’s a wrap

A certificate can give you additional confidence and offer a dose of transparency when you purchase astrological gemstones. Therefore, whether you buy gemstones online or offline, you should make sure you get a third-party certification and not just a seller's warranty or gemstone authentication letter. If you trust a respected seller like Brahma Gems, you're guaranteed to get certified gemstones online & offline every single time.

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