Ultimate Guide to Check Purity of Emerald Stone

06 November, 2020
Ultimate Guide to Check Purity of Emerald Stone

Established in 2011, Brahma Gems is one of the most authentic gemstone dealers in Delhi. We strive to provide 100% genuine gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, rudraksha, and the like. 

Out of all of the valuable gemstones that we offer, emerald is one of the most sought-after gems. With a beautiful green colour, this astrological gemstone is preferred by those who belong to the Taurus zodiac sign. While purchasing an emerald green stone, it is important to know how to check the purity of emerald stone. Without testing the purity of the gemstone, it is impossible to determine the price of the emerald.

Here are a few steps to check the purity of an emerald stone:

  1. Know the type: There are three types of emerald gemstones available in the market: natural, imitation, and synthetic. A natural emerald gemstone would have inclusions. Inclusions are the elements that enter the gemstone during its formation. The threadlike tendrils that can be found inside the gemstone can prove that the emerald is natural and not synthetic. 

  2. Color: Emerald comes in a variety of shades of green- from pale to dark green. However, the color of emerald gemstones is quite distinct and easily identifiable. Natural, authentic gemstones can sometimes possess a bluish-green color, and that is completely normal. However, authentic emerald gemstones do not exhibit yellow or brown tones. It is beneficial to observe the emerald under a dichroscope. Always remember, high-quality emeralds show high dichroism (two distinct colors), usually blue-green.

  3. Sparkle: It is important to bear in mind that unlike diamonds, moissanite, or peridot, genuine emerald gemstones do not sparkle against fire. Remember, an authentic emerald will not emit rainbow flashes when held up against the light.

  4. Wear and Tear: Emeralds are quite hard and can, therefore, withstand exposure without being easily worn down. If the emerald is faceted in nature, check for signs of wear and tear. In case the edges look worn down, it is most likely that the gemstone is a softer substance and not a genuine emerald.

  5. Unrealistic Prices: Original emerald stone prices are quite high. Emeralds are quite expensive, and if the dealer is offering you unrealistically low prices or leaving ample scope for bargaining, the emeralds are fake in all probability. Always make sure to purchase gemstones from a trusted seller who provides certificates from a recognized lab.

  6. Doublet or Triplet Emeralds: Genuine emeralds can be found in the doublet or triplet form as well. Although these gemstones may look big and valuable, they are worthless. When a thin slice of emerald has been backed onto a cheap material, it is referred to as doublet, and when a thin slice of emerald is sandwiched between two layers of green transparent material, it is referred to as a triplet. In both cases, the gemstone appears to be a solid emerald. However, in order to check if the stone is a doublet or triplet, carefully examine the edges. If the edges have layers, it is a doublet or triplet.

  7. Get professional advice: While you can follow all the steps on how to identify a fake emerald, it is always advantageous to get professional advice while purchasing an emerald gemstone. Experts have better knowledge, skills, and tools to test the authenticity of the emerald that you are going to purchase.

These are some of the emerald quality factors that can help you to test the purity of gemstone.

Brahma Gems are one of the most trustworthy gemstone suppliers in the country. We provide certificates and lab reports from trusted laboratories with every purchase. You can also buy gemstones online from us to get genuine gemstones delivered to you at your doorstep. Rest assured that we always provide the original emerald stone prices instead of unrealistic prices. At Brahma Gems, customer satisfaction and authenticity is of prime importance, and we never compromise on the quality of our products. If you are looking to buy authentic emerald gemstones at reasonable rates, Brahma Gems is your solution.

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