We know gemstones possess the powers of their ruling planets. In Indian culture, the descriptive information of these planets is given in Vedas written by great Indian Rishis who were versed in reading the influences of celestial bodies on human life. Sometimes the effects are good and sometimes they are bad. Ill effects of these planets can be controlled by wearing those gemstones which represent these planets. That’s why people buy Vedic gemstone online or from gemstone stores to get rid of the negative effects of the planets and stay blessed with prosperity and good fortune.

Why the Word ‘Vedic Gemstone’?

Just like the lunar phases pulls and pushes the seas and the oceans, the motion and position of planets affect humans throughout their life. The Indian Vedas contains the treasure of knowledge about these planets and their astrological effects on humans. There are four Vedas namely,

Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda, Sam Veda

The first three Vedas have around 250 Shlokas or treatise explaining the great Indian divine science of astrology and impact of stars and planets on human life. And as we all know every planet is represented by a gemstone and possess the power of its ruling planet, the word Vedic has a justifiable relation with gemstones.

The Vedas are written by the great Indian Rishis, who painstakingly acquired an ocean of knowledge about the heavenly, spiritual world. They had a strong grip on astrological subjects which made them able read the future of a person in relation to the position of planets in its horoscope.  They were perfectionists in telling the relation of gemstones with these celestial bodies. To forward this precious treasure of knowledge to coming generations they put all their knowledge in these Vedas which are still enlightening astrologers and the common man.

These sacred Vedas tell that there is a direct relation between the karma (doings), Planets and human fate. We are punished and rewarded for our doings through these stars and planets. It’s like God has created a system to make humans understand the importance of karmas and the price they have to pay for doing a wrong deed. Wearing a gemstone brings desired changes in a person by erasing the negativities of life and inspiring morally well changes in his/her personality.

So, you must have realized now the important relation between our Karmas, gemstones and planets. Whatever we do always walks with us, so try to do as much good things as you can because there is no punishment for a GOOD DEED!!