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What Is The Minimum Carat Of Emerald For Astrological Benefits?

20 November, 2019
What Is The Minimum Carat Of Emerald For Astrological Benefits?

The astrological gemstone emerald is associated with the planet Mercury and has multiple astrological benefits. This gemstone is widely obtained from India, Zambia, Brazil, Russia, etc but the best emerald gemstone is found in Columbia, South Africa. The gemstone gets its green coloring from the element chromium or vanadium.  A person with weak Mercury is asked to wear emerald. The gemstone emerald is said to create a healthy atmosphere at the home, maintaining a good harmony in married life and develops an understanding with children. It helps the children to increase their concentration power and also improves the economical standard of the wearer. Brahma gems give you the guaranteed originality in emerald and other gemstones.   

How is the carat decided?

The carat system is expressed as one of the 4cs for a gem after c-cut, c-color and c-clarity.1 carat is equal to 100 points. Each point regards as 1% of a carat which means a gemstone that weighs one and a half carats is a stone of 150 points. One thing that people easily tend to confuse is the size and the weight of a gemstone. A larger gemstone may appear in the same carat of a small-sized stone. Or two gemstones that are identically the same in size may be different in carat measurement. So, the basic fact is that carat is related to the weight of a gemstone. Be cautious while purchasing, make sure to get the original emerald from your trusted store. 

What is carat?

A carat is a unit that is used to measure the weight of a gemstone. 1 carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram or 200 milligrams. It can also be mentioned as 5 carats in a gram. The English word carat is derived from the Greek word keration which means little horn; it refers to the shapes of the seedpods of the carob tree. The green emerald price depends on its quality, carat and durability, so choose wisely before buying one. 

Why consider Carat for Gemstone?

Carats are usually used to measure the purity of the gemstones; the measurement of a carat is important as it helps to evaluate the value of the gemstone. A gemstone that is bigger in carat is considered as more valuable. So, before buying the emerald green stone check its carat to get an idea of its purity

Difference between Carat and Karat

The basic difference between carat and karat is that karat is used to measure the weight of gold and the unit carat is used to measure the weight of gemstones. Outside U.S Karat is often spelled as carat but people should not get confused between the two. A gold karat is 4.1667% of the whole and the purity of the gold alloy is measured as the amount of gold it contains. If an object contains 8 parts gold and 4 parts alloying metal then it is 8 karat gold and pure gold is 24 karat. Buy gemstones of the greatest quality within budget from Brahma gems today

What is the appropriate carat of Emerald for you?

A person is recommended to wear a certain gemstone based on the position of his planets. A person wears an emerald green stone to make his mercury strong but one important thing to note is that he should wear it within the carat advised by his astrologer, not more or less than that. Different people need different carat of the green emerald stone based on their condition, the best is to take the expert advice from your astrologer.

The green emerald stone does wonder to your health, education, and career, it promises to bring you enormous luck, have an idea about the carat measurement and get your emerald today.