Symbol of royalty, a source of inexhaustible powers and mesmerizing beauty.  Ruby stone is proud of astrological, gemstone and fashion world!! You can find countless addict of its blazing beauty. As royal as it looks, rubies stone rules the destinies with its miraculous astrological powers and also catches attention as an extremely important part of jewellery and fashion world especially in India where gemstone reserves a respectable place in the culture and day to day life. With increasing e-commerce culture people buy ruby stone online India to decorate their fate with positive energies of this lusty glittering stone.

From centuries, this stunning representative of the king of the zodiac SUN, is absorbing attention with its unparalleled beauty and transforming lives from its amazing healing powers. Let’s see what makes ruby so enchantingly powerful.

Emotional Healing Energy Of Ruby

By encouraging a courageous and positive state of mind Ruby inspires emotional stability. It protects the wearer from anguish and depression and releases positive rays which keep the person away from the lethargic mood. It also brings out the protective aspect of personality, inspiring one to stand with those who are threatened in any way, be it family, friends, strangers, environment or animal.

People of sensitive nature can avail great benefits from ruby as it blesses them with an unusual emotional strength and prevents generation of negative thoughts and distorted views about their own self and others. This emotional strength raises confidence and improves decision-making powers by erasing unnecessary confusions and uncertainties.  It gives a hold on emotions and stimulates self-respect and love for others. It protects the wearer from taking off-handed decisions in extremely emotional situations. One becomes able to see the other side of the coin before making any decision.

Chakra Healing And Balance Energy Of Ruby.

Ruby has unbeatable powers to balance the Base chakra or Root chakra. The Base chakra is situated at the base of the spine. It controls the kinesthetic feeling and movement. It is the foundation of spiritual and physical energy. When this chakra loses balance one can feel lethargy, low enthusiasm, dull and a need of constant stimulation. These are the symptoms of losing the balance of physical energies. On the other hand, in the case of losing spiritual balance, one may find himself/herself surrounded by uncertainties and a need of direction to lead the life in a better way. He/she stays disconnected from realities which in turn encourages myths and confusions. Ruby maintains the balance of physical and spiritual energies and gives clarity and balance in people’s life.

Physical Healing Energy Of Ruby

Well!! This part consists countless benefits of the royal stone. For starters, a ruby stone is helpful in detoxifying blood, body and lymph. It is effective in treating infections & fever and stimulates an adequate flow of energy and blood in legs and feet. It strengthens heart, kidneys, myocardium, spleen, ventricles, adrenals and coronaries with an improved blood circulation.

For women, it is very useful in regulating menstrual flow and reducing pain during menstruation. Besides, it is also claimed to be beneficial for reproductive organs and in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, early menopause , infertility and impotence, and as a support for gynecological operations.

Color Energy of Ruby

Red for ruby. Red is the color of energy, passion, self-confidence and fearlessness. A wearer of ruby stone possesses the unbeatable courage and an unparalleled strength which makes life easier as the person gets more determined and confident about life.  Red is the color of fire and blood which releases strong energy rays and deep feelings with an unbreakable passion.  Think of any synonym of strength, power, courage, liveliness or determination, and you will find that in a wearer of ruby stone.

Actually, Ruby is a stone of royal soul. It raises the level an individual with its stunningly supernatural powers. Grace your personality with this gracious representative of SUN!!