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Why Gemstones Don’t Work for 90% Of The People?

19 April, 2019
Why Gemstones Don’t Work for 90% Of The People?
दुनिया में केवल दो प्रकार के लोग हैं - एक वो, जो राशि रत्नों को पहनते हैं और इनमें विश्वास रखते हैं। और दुसरे वो, जो ना तो राशि रत्नों को पहनते हैं और ना ही इनमें विश्वास रखते हैं। राशि रत्नों के प्रति लोगों की सोच बहुत विभाजित है। ज्यादार लोगों ने राशि रत्नों से दूरी बना रखी है। राशि रत्नों को पहनने के बावजूद उपयुक्त परिणाम ना मिलने से लोगों ने इन रत्नों पर भरोसा करना छोड़ दिया है। आखिर ऐसा क्या कारण है कि लगभग नब्भे प्रतिशत लोगों को राशि रत्नों से लाभ नहीं होता? 

There are various aspects which govern the life of a person and this is influenced by the planets. As per the planets, people are recommended to wear gemstones. The important thing to note is that wearing a gemstone never yields any beneficial results. In order to get powerful and actual results of the gems, people have to consult Gemstones experts. Getting in touch with a gemstones expert ensures that you get high-quality and natural gems in the first place, which can bring a marked difference in your life. Gems surely effect and impact life to a great extent only if they are natural and worn correctly.

Gemstones don’t work for nearly 90% of the population because people don’t understand the science behind these gems. It is necessary that you buy a gemstone that is in its pristine form, and not duped. You should always look for certified gemstones in India. Wearing a duplicate, or spoiled gemstone will bring no fortune. We have been in this trajectory for two decades, and we inherit extensive knowledge of gemstones and their identification. Being a certified and natural gemstone store in Delhi, we keep our customers informed about certain things to follow before making the purchase for the recommended gemstone. 

Often we find people who wear Sapphire or Yellow Sapphire, complaining that Sapphire, which a very powerful stone, is not affecting them. This is because wearing any gemstone never yields beneficial results if the following criteria is not met:

Check whether you are actually wearing the right/natural stone? The colour of the gem may be the same as per the recommended one but the results will vary. Not wearing a natural or correct gemstone will not yield expected results.
If the stone is heated, it will not yield the desired output. Especially the Sapphire from Bangkok and Thailand are the ones which are heated to give clarity and colour. Thus, these stone lose originality and become ineffective. 
Is the stone treated? If the stone has been treated to give rich colour and clarity, then the results will fall apart. It will not give any benefit to the user. Only certified gemstones should be worn to get the exact results. 
Is the stone glass-filled? If the stone has been treated and is filled with glass to give an extra sheen and shine to the stone, then the natural property of the stone is lost and it acquires the properties of an artificial stone yielding no results.

Identification of the Quality and Natural Quotient of the Gemstone

For a layman, it is very perplexing to understand the natural properties of the stone. To safeguard the interests of the buyers, the Government of India has formed several bodies which are engaged in examining the aspects which can provide certification to the gems. As a matter of course, it is very important that you should buy only Certified Gemstones. 

We have award-winning Gemologists in our store, who give certified gems. The gems are first tested in the government labs and then circulated further. The stones which reach your doorstep are directly from the mines. Ours is a certified gemstone store. At Brahma Gems, we give immaculate gems along with the certificate from the government labs. The certificate of authentication carries all the information about the stone so that you will be able to identify the originality of the stone easily. The certification bodies are IGI-GDL, IGI from Mumbai, GII in Mumbai, GJEPC of India. We are engaged in selling the stones which are natural, pure, non-heated, and non-treated.

Go through our website, or YouTube channel to further amend your knowledge on gemstones. You can also call, or ping us on WhatsApp. We are readily available to guide you at the time of your liking.