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Kashmiri Neelam

Kashmir is known for its panoramic beauty and Kashmiri Neelam is also one of the beautiful gifts of the Kashmir found in the Soomjam valley. Kashmiri Neelam is considered to be of the best quality Neelam in the world. The cost of the Kashmiri Neelam varies depending upon their color and clarity. This high quality precious gemstone is very rare in nature. The shops to Buy Kashmiri Neelam online are available in a bulk and that plant the seed of doubt about who is the most authentic and genuine suppliers among them. Brahma Gems emerges as a reliable gemstone shop providing high standard, certified Kashmiri Neelam to its customers from past 12 years and has been growing strong in its niche. Contact us for 100% pure, genuine and authentic Kashmiri Neelam Gemstones.

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Kashmiri Neelam possess the benefits of Blue Sapphire and so gains the individual with Wealth, Health, and Good Luck & Prosperity. It is considered very auspicious if you are suffering from financial loss. It helps the individual calm their mind and lets you focus. It helps in releasing unwanted thoughts & tensions.

Who can wear?

Neelam is recommended if you suffer from nightmares & bad dreams and also to people who have Saturn & Jupiter aligned in adverse ways in their birth charts.

How to wear?

Kashmiri Neelam should be worn in the Index finger of your working hand during the midday, embed with gold for immense impact.

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