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Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is a hard object naturally produced in the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. The beauty of this amazing gem has astonished the jewel lovers worldwide since centuries. Pearl is also known for its astrological benefits that it provides its wearer with. Moon, the lord of zodiac sign Cancer governs the pearl gem whose position in a horoscope distinguishes the different impacts of pearl. Basra pearls are different types of pearl which got its name from the city Basra, in Iraq. Basra pearls are rare kind and found in the Arabian Gulf. To buy Basra Moti Online, contact Brahma Gems which is a trusted name and deals in lab certified, 100% Natural Basra and can Buy Pearl Online.

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Pearl Gem holds clarity of thoughts and mind stability. Due to a badly placed Moon in one’s birth chart, Pearl benefits the person from, tuberculosis, epilepsy, mood swings, depression & blood pressure. Nowadays, Pearl powder is also in beauty products for glowing skin.

Who can wear?

Individuals of Cancer & Aries can wear Pearl as it can benefit them others should consult an Astrologist before wearing Pearl as a Gemstone.

How to wear?

Its weight should not be less than 2 Ratti, purchase in on Monday during the Shukla Paksha, embed it in a silver ring, wear it in the little finger of the right hand, before wearing it dip it in raw cow milk and wash it with Gangajaal to energize the ring. Chant the mantra of Moon, Aum Chandraya Namah, 108 times and then wear it.

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