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Red coral Capsule shape, Triangle Shape and Oval Shape Online

The Red Coral also known as Moonga, is the Gemstone of planet Mars known as Mangal Grah, which is the source of energy and spirit. The Moonga is worn to strengthen the position of Mars in your Horoscope / Kundali. Coral is the common name given to Corallium rubrum and several related species of marine coral. The characteristic of precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry. Buy Red Coral Capsule shape, Triangle Shape, Oval Shape Online grow on rocky sea bottom with low sedimentation, mainly in dark environments; either in the depths or in dark caverns. The original species is found mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. It grows at depths from 10 to 300 meters below sea level, although the shallower of these habitats have been largely depleted by harvesting. In the underwater caves of Alghero, Sardinia it grows at depth from 4 to 35 meters. Its species are also found at Atlantic sites near the Strait of Gibraltar, at the Cape Verde Islands and off the coast of Southern Portugal. They are also found around Japan and Taiwan.


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Lowest Quality
Origin:-Indian /Italian
Treatments:-Dyed, Colored or Totally fake (plastic made)
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 100 – 300 per carat.
Color tone:-Very Dull, Light Orangish in Color, Having Dark Spots, Cracks or Dents Type Marks
In Astrology:-NOT Effective / Not Recommended
Medium Quality
Origin:-Indian /Italian
Treatments:-No Treated
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 400 – 1100 per carat.
Color tone:-Medium Orangish to Light Reddish in Color Smooth and shiny in Appearance
In Astrology:-Effective / Recommended
High Quality
Treatments:-No Treatments
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 1000 – 2000 per carat.
Color tone:-Very Smooth and Shiny in Appearance, Dark Red in Color, Spotless.
In Astrology:-Very effective and recommended.
Very High Quality
Treatments:-No Treatments
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 3000 – 7000 per carat.
Color tone:-Orangish to Medium Reddish in Color(if Japanese) & Dark Blood Red & Very Smooth Shiny(If Italian).
In Astrology:-Most effective and Highly recommended


Mangal grah is considered as commander of the army of gods, this ensures that you gain the courage to overcome all hurdles in life. Moonga helps you overcome laziness & makes your senses active, so you can take those tasks and complete it without delay. It helps in overcoming fear, nervousness and mental depression.

Who can wear?

A person in whose birth chart Mars is lord of an auspicious house should wear coral. According to Vedic Astrology if a person is suffering from Mangalik Dosh or he/she is unable to find a suitable match then Red Coral should be worn only after consulting an expert gemologist or astrologer.

How to wear?

Red Coral should be worn in the ring finger of the working hand; it should touch your skin. Before wearing it, dip the Red Coral in to Gangajal or Cow Milk for 10 Minutes. Wear the ring on Tuesday morning during the Shukla Paksha at sunrise time.

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