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The Genstone Buying Guide

Gemstone Buying Guide

7 Easy Steps to Follow

You want that epic gem for your fortune and want none of the risks, hazards and challenges to come along. Well, this calls for buying the cost-effective and quality gemstone from a trusted source. Practically, not everyone has the professional knowledge about the basics of gemstones. It’s a valuable investment and needs extensive care and guidelines too. We have compiled a list with deciding features and points that can help you select quality and authentic gemstones. Here is a step by step guide for your precious and auspicious piece. Read on.

Identify The One That Suits You Best


There is a huge collection of gemstones in the market, hence chances of getting perplexed becomes higher. Well, don’t put your gemstone’s quality at risk as there are important parameters like weight, colour and quality that can prevent you making a wrong decision. To make it more hassle-free, consult your gemstone expert and he/she would be the best person to let you know about the features and aspects.

Budget Buy


Be cautious of the names of various gemstones and their prices so that you are not fooled around. You should also judge which one to buy on the basis of your budget. Needless to say but buyers must set their budget beforehand and then choose the one that matches their affordability. A reliable gem dealer and an expert astrologer will help you identify the gemstone and look for imitations, hence adding value to your investment.

All that Glitters is not Gold- Look for the Real Ones


Visual and physical properties of the gem you are buying could be similar to that of the original one. Yes, there are gems which are produced in a lab which appearing flawless and are replicas of the natural ones. So, the lowest quality gem might look precious, natural or appealing to your senses. Natural, synthetic or imitation; you hardly know what you are zeroing in on because it’s difficult to spot the difference. A flawless gemstone changes your life for better and vice-versa. Hence, it is extremely important to buy only authentic, original and 100 % natural gemstone and not the one which just looks similar.

Gemstone Details and Certifications


Only the high-quality real gemstone is capable of offering you the favourable changes. Look for the quality, origin and other details like gemstone certificate from the labs that have a status in gemstone testing, thereby potentially increasing the authenticity of the stone. Esteemed government gem-testing labs or the labs with high credibility will give you satisfaction and security.

Astrological Procedure to Wear A gemstone


A gemstone’s brilliance is just not enough to work wonders for your destiny. Wearing a gemstone or rashi-ratna has to be with a correct astrological procedure. As per Vedic astrology and guidelines you can have the details on how to wear each gem based on Day, Time, Metal and Finger. Metals like gold, copper, panchdhatu or ashtdhatu are to be worn with fundamental rules of astrology. Also, there are days and time allocated as per different planets. For example, Natural Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) can be worn on the day of Jupiter which is Thursday during the morning.

Constant Contact with Body/Skin


Ideally, the gem should be placed well to maintain contact with the skin or body. It can magnify or diminish the effects if worn incorrectly or at a wrong finger or place. If you are wearing a ring, there is an ideal finger in which the stone needs to be fixed. The poorly positioned stone on your finger can fail to give results. So, crucial facts like which gemstones relate to which planet, ideal day, time, metal and factors like body contact and skin touch go hand in hand for a gemstone to yield the finest results.

Where To Purchase From


It is all worth it to bring a gemstone home only from a reputed a gemstone dealer or shop with a high level of experience. Don’t go for the first reference or choice. Check, compare and lookout for the best gemstone stores and dealers that can really reward you with the most effective gem. Keep in mind the colour, clarity and carat which would largely help you to avoid the pitfalls of buying fake gems. Go for purest colours and saturation for the best value of money.

Consider buying from an expert holding expertise into the same trade and avoid falling into deceptive practices. Also check, if the seller is offering certain guarantees with certificates. Gemstones may be accompanied by a lab report, listing the colour, cut, clarity and weight. BRAHMAGEMS-THE AUTHORIZED DEALER IN NATURAL GEMSTONES can be relied upon for the best range of pure and government certified precious gemstones. We have an expertise of more than a decade in identifying and procuring the real gemstones.

Let us guide you to make the right decision

Affiliations & Certifications

Brahmagems is proudly associated with world’s leading gemology institutes and organizations

GJEPC Certificate Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council
GIA Certificate Gemological Institute of America
IGI Certificate International Gemological Institute
GUBELIN Certificate Gübelin
Gem Lab
GRS Certificate Gem Research
IGI-GTL Certificate The Indian Gemmological Institute – Gem Testing Laboratory
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