Carnelian stone is found as translucent to opaque in many colors red, orange, brown, pink, and shades of red. Natural carnelian stone is one of the best stones for self-esteem. It is a powerful aiding stone for healing. It helps to get rid of unwanted or negative vibes.

Original Carnelian stone has many health benefits in lowering blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar levels, being good for the heart, helping in the release of stress and healing the body and the mind & many more.

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Education About Carnelian

Carnelian is a brownish-red coloured, semi-precious stone of the quartz mineral family. This is an astrological substitute of Red Coral. The stone is worn for motivation, tolerance, leadership, and bravery. Carnelian is generally found in India, Siberia, Brazil, and Germany.

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Enhanced Confidence: Carnelian is famous for boosting confidence and strength. The stone is said to provide psychological aid. increased confidence, and motivation to its wearers.

Protection from Evil Thoughts: The stone has mystical powers to extract negative thoughts and energies to keep the wearer sheltered from depressive mindset.

Better Endurance: The stone is specifically advantageous for students, sportsmen, policemen, and military men.

Healthy Skin: It is believed that the stone cures a lot of skin diseases

This gemstone is not a conventional birthstone. Rather it is associated with Taurus, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Carnelian is said to attract wealth, new resources, and sheer good luck.

Vedic astrology prescribes Raat Ratua for Taurus (Vrishabha), Cancer (Karkata), Leo (Singh), and Virgo (Kanya) Rashi.

How to Wear Carnelian stone?

Weight- Minimum 1/10th of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh 70 kilos, you can wear a 7 carat camerlian stone.

Color- Red, or Deep Orange.

Metal- Gold should be avoided. Best metal to wear Carnelian is Copper, Panchadhatu, or Silver.

Finger- Ring finger of your active hand. (Left hand for left-handed people, right hand for right-handed people)

Date & Time- Tuesday, during sunrise.

Mantra- “Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaaye Namah” (108 times).

On the appropriate day and time, take the ring, or pendant engraved with Carnelian and place it in a cleansed, empty bowl.

In the bowl, add Panchadravyas i.e. the five sacred elements orderwise, starting with Ganga Jal (Holy Water), Tulsi Leaves (Basil), Milk, Honey, and Ghee (Butter). Gel them together with your finger.

Keep the bowl in front of you and recite the aforementioned mantra 108 times and visualize Lord Mangal (Mars). Seek strength, endurance, and prosperity from him.

Take the ring out the bowl, dip it in another bowl containing clean water and soak it with cotton and then, wear it.

Dharan Vidhi:-

Before to wear the natural Carnelian stone's ring & pendent, we need to energize this stone. In that procedure we have to dip this Carnelian stone deeply in the pure holy ganga water along with turmeric, flower, curd, honey & pure ghee.

Sitting in front of any temple, hold your hands and chant the holy mantra "Om Kram Kreem Kroum Sah Bhoumaye Namah" (in hindi) 108 times and wear your carnelian and pendant positively.   

Weight:- 2 carats to 4 carats.

Color:- Deep Red Color.

Metal:- Gold, Silver or Copper Ring.

Finger:- Ring finger of either of the hand.

Day and Time:- Tuesday Morning, between 6:00AM to 9:00AM, 

Mantra & Chanting Times:- Om Kram Kreem Kroum Sah Bhoumaye Namah (In Hindi) 108 times

Vedic Rashi:- Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) Rashi

Western & Other Sunshine:-  Aries(Mesh), Sagittarius(Dhanu), Pisces(Meen) & Leo(Singh).

Pure Carnelian semi-precious stone can be purchased in India at a price in between Rs. 600 to Rs. 1200 per carat

The best price of Carnelian stone, astrologically, is Rs. 800 per carat and above.

The price of Carnelian stone in India can be converted from per carat to per Ratti by multiplying the amount with 0.9. For instance, if the price of a Carnelian stone is Rs. 1000 per carat, then the price of the said stone in Ratti would be Rs. 1000 per carat x 0.9 = Rs. 900 per Ratti.

Most of the gemstone dealers sell heated Carnelians. Such Carnelians are not effective. Make sure you get absolute worth of your money by purchasing the stone from a trusted and certified gemstone laboratory.

The quality of Carnelian depends entirely on its Cut, Color, and Clarity.

In order to be pure, the stone should have no internal cracks and should manifest a ravishing, orange to brownish orange color.

For astrological purposes, the quality of a semi-precious Carnelian stone depends primarily on the clarity and balance of the color.

The cut or facets of the stone should only have ornamental value, not astrological.

Carnelian stone can be cleaned and polished in the usual manner. It should be cleaned by washing it with mild dish soap and then, rinsing it well in water. Theron, the stone needs to be dried with a soft cloth or cotton.