Lapis stone is an opaque royal blue-colored gemstone that is also called Rajavarta. Mineral of Aluminium Silicate, the natural lapis stone is majorly found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, and Argentina. As per Vedic astrology, the blue gem is ruled by planet Jupiter (Guru); the reason it offers raj yoga (wealth and luck in abundance) to its wearer.


If worn properly, an original Lapis stone can bestow an individual with tremendous wisdom, success, and fame.  It also saves the native from misfortune, diseases, and enemies.


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Education About Lapis

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Dhaaran Vidhi:- 

Before wearing the neelam/blue sapphire dip it in the unboiled milk with pure ganga water, honey, flowers & pure ghee to get rid of all impurities from the stone.

Chant the holy mantra of shani "Om Pram Preem Paroum Sah Shanye Namah108 times. After that wear your Lapis ring in the middle finger of either of the hand with positively thoughts.

Lapis birthstone can too be worn by Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus.

Weight:- Minimum 1/10th of the body weight; for example if a person weighing 50 kg, can wear a 5 carat ( 5.50 Ratti ) Lapis.

Colour:- For best Jyotish or Astrological results light blue color, blue color or dark blue color is recommended.

Metal:- Silver and Panchdhatu (White color metal) is best-suited metal for Lapis.

Finger:- Middle Finger of either of the hand.

Day and Time:- Saturday Evening between 6:00PM to 9:00PM

Mantra & Chanting Times:- "Om Pram Preem Paroum Sah Shanye Namah" 108 times

Planet:- Saturn (Shani)

Vedic Raashi:- Makar (Capricorn ) & Kumbh (Aquarius)

Western Sun Sign:- Libra (Tula)

Suitable Ascendents:- Gemini (Mithun), Virgo (Kanya), Taurus (Vrish)