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Sri Lankan Sapphire

Sri Lanka is known as the Ratna-Dweep or gem island or the Sapphire isles, which evident the fact that Sri Lankan gemstone history is very long and wide. Sri Lanka has the highest gemstone accumulation density as compared to the landmass. Sri Lanka is one of the fine quality sapphire producers and the Sri Lankan blue sapphires are known as Ceylon Sapphire. Ceylon sapphires are unique in color clarity and brilliance as compared to the blue sapphire from the other countries. The gemstone institute of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo has certifies that world’s largest blue star sapphire found in Sri Lanka. The weight of the gemstone has certified to be of 1404.49 carats. Buy Sri Lankan Sapphire online from Brahma Gems, housing a wide collection of certified gemstones. A certified gemstone is worth the money you are paying for. Hence, it is highly recommended to you to buy the certified gemstones with all the inclusions of a gemstone mentioned in the certification report.

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Wear Sri Lankan Sapphire if you are facing problems related to marriage or not getting a perfect match for yourself, especially in case of ladies. It also benefits people who are involved in academics like higher studies or teaching. It will also benefit you if you are stressed or surrounded by negativity and will help you gain positivity, encouragement & hope. Pukhraj act as a healing ailment in case you are suffering from stomach problems or suffering from Jaundice.

Who can wear?

Sri Lankan Sapphire is the birth stone for Gemini (Mithun Rashi). It can also be worn by Taurus (Vrish), Libra (Tula), Aquarius (Kumbh), Capricorn (Makar) & Virgo (Kanya).

How to wear?

For better results it should be worn in the ring finger or the middle finger. Consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

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