Pitambari gemstone also known as Pitambari Neelam (Sapphire) is a fast acting gemstone just like the Blue Sapphire. Pitambari is worn to counter the malefic effects of Saturn and Jupiter. Pitambari Neelam gives best results in Silver. Regardless of the position of Saturn in the horoscope Neelam generally gives good results in Silver.

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Pitambari possess the benefits of Blue Sapphire and so gains the individual with Wealth, Health, and Good Luck & Prosperity. It is considered very auspicious if you are suffering from financial loss. It helps the individual calm their mind and lets you focus. It helps in releasing unwanted thoughts & tensions.

Who can wear?

Pitambari is recommended if you suffer from nightmares & bad dreams and also to people who have Saturn & Jupiter aligned in adverse ways in their birth charts.

How to wear?

Pitambari should be worn in the Index finger of your working hand during the midday, embed with gold for immense impact.