Pitambari Neelam of yellow blue sapphire has all the beneficial properties of the blue sapphire stone hence it bestow the wearer with good luck, health, prosperity and success in all aspects of the life. Pitambari gemstone is comprised of blue and yellow color varies in proportion from stone to stone. This gemstone is mainly recommended to those people who have an adverse alignment of the Jupiter and Saturn in their birth chart. So they can order Pitambari Neelam Stone online from Brahmagems, an authentic shop for certified gemstones.

Benefits of Pitambari Neelam Gemstone

This amazing gemstone diminishes the adverse impact of the detrimental alignment of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. It is beneficial in financial problems, lack of concentration, and failure in business.

Health benefits

Pitambari Neelam is very helpful for those who are suffering from the sleeping disorders, lack of concentration, and frequent nightmares.

The Hardness of Pitambari Neelam on Mohs scale is 9.