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Natural Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Burma | Sri Lanka | Ceylon

Natural Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is the gemstone of Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) in astrology. The low iron content in Corundum is responsible for Yellow Sapphire's color, sometimes also known as Golden Sapphire if its intensely colored. The name Corundum is of Indian origin, derived from the Sanskrit word "korund" and applied to opaque massive gems, generally of a dull color. Wearing it helps you gain intellectual powers & luck. It also helps you by letting you focus on your work and bless you with better decision making abilities. Fancy Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone Online are not only pretty, but are amazingly affordable. Their popularity as engagement rings has grown in recent years, due to celebrity's yellow diamond engagement rings.

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Three Reasons Why 99% People Don't Get Result From Yellow Sapphire?

1. Is it Natural Yellow Sapphire?

The major problem is people don't even know that they are not wearing Yellow Sapphire , every yellow colour stone is not a Yellow Sapphire it can be citrine, or golden topaz or any other yellow colour stone. You will not get the result.

2. Is the gemstone you are wearing is heated?

If you are wearing the Yellow Sapphire but heated you will not get the results, generally in heat treatment beryllium is used, you will not get the result by wearing the heated stone.

3. Is the gemstone treated also?

Nowadays various kind of treatments are done on stone to enhance the clarity of the stone, for example glass is filled inside the gemstone to enhance the clarity, you will never get the result from the treated stone.


Always wear a 100 percent natural Yellow Sapphire get great results from it.

Wear only govt lab certified gemstone.

Gemstones from Brahma Gems are not heated and treated and we mention it in our certificate.

Gemstones work excellently only if they are pure, authentic and not-treated.

To get great results wear them with the correct procedure. Keeping in mind the time, grah-nakshatra and chanting the right mantras.

Yellow Sapphire is a boon for Thyroid & Liver and it helps in curing throat related problems as well.

Yellow Sapphire also helps in healing Thyroid gland, lungs & liver diseases.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The price range for Yellow Sapphire starts from 100 Rs. per carat/ 900 Rs. per ratti and goes upto 50000 Rs. per carat/ 45000 Rs. per ratti & above, depending upon the quality of stone, which includes cut colour clarity carat weight and origin (source) of the stone.

In 1000-2000 Rs. per carat you will get the stone which will be nearly opaque (very less transparency), In 5000-10000 Rs. per carat you will get better transparency with lusture and bit better cutting. In 10000 to 20000 Rs. per carat you will get nearly transparent stone will good lustre good clarity and good colour.

The difference in the result will depend upon colour and transpareny, the transparent the stone good amount of rays (sunlight) will pass through it, which in return u will get the better result from Yellow Sapphire.

Yes we not only give the certificate but, we give the best in the certificate, we provide government lab certificate which clearly indicates wether the stone is heated or not?, wether the stone is treated or not? because when you are wearing the stone astrologically it need to be 100% natural, and yes of course we give the bill for your complete peace of mind. (Govt Lab Certificate Proof)

Yes it is possible there are few good labs which do that, which indicates the origin of the stone, wether the stone is from Sri-Lanka/Ceylon or from somewhere else. But that certificate we do on a request basis because the certification is around 4000 Rs., and takes minimum 5 working days, for example IGI lab. So if you r buying any stone above 5000 Rs. per carat + we can include the origin certificate, otherwise it will charged extra as per actual charges. (Govt Lab Certificate Proof)

Yes we make the ring or pendent also. we have our designs also, or you can also provide the designs in which the ring is to be made. One should always go for rings, they are more effective as compared to pendents.

Primarily the Yellow Sapphire would be worn in gold, we can make it in 18karat or 22karat. Yes you can make it in Panchdhatu also. Panchdhatu is a mixture of five metals Brass (pital), Silver (chandi), copper (tambaa), Nickel (jastaa) & Gold (sona). Main quantity is of brass and other metals and just a gold polish.

In gold its 450 Rs. per gram (excluding the weight of stone) and rest as per design for both 18karat also and 22karat also, which includes labour polishing and hallmarking charges, each and every ring pendent or any other product will come with hallmarking (BIS stamp). And for Panchdhatu its 800 Rs. for complete ring.

No its totally upto you, there is no problem at all, its just it don’t shine like a gold, Panchdhatu is also in Yellow colour (Brass colour) but it will tarnish (bit dull) in a short time. But you can save around 20000 to 30000 Rs., and inspite you can take take a better quality of stone, which will ultimately give you the better results.

Yes we can deliver in India and abroad. Delivery in India is FREE, outside India it will be charged as per actual. And generally we deliver in maximum 3 working days within India and around 10 working days for outside India.

Yes generally astrologer recommends minimum weight, if you like the stone which is bit more is weight for example you like the stone which is weighted 7.50 ratti and your astrologer has suggested you 5.50 ratti of weight, you can go for it, because as per time you will have to increase the weight of the stone.

  • 1.00 ratti is equal to .91 carat
  • 1.00carat is equal to .200 mg(milligram)
  • 1.00gm is equal to 5.00carat

There is no weighing machine to calculate ratti, it is an ancient term created by astrologers. When we see any certificate of any stone, weight of the stone will be always mentioned in carat or gram. Don’t buy gemstones in ratti. Always buy the gemstones in carat.

Generally the top quality Yellow Sapphire comes from Sri Lanka / Ceylon, they are available in different colour shades of Yellow depending upon the quality of the stone.

Sapphire from Bangkok / Thailand are generally treated & heated. To give them a better look generally they are treated also and heated also, there are various kinds of treatments done on them like, glass filling treatment is done to increase the transparency of the stone, Beryllium treatment is done to increase the colour of the stone. They will never work for astrological purpose because they are not natural.

Yellow Sapphire is to be worn on Thursday. It is the gemstone of Planet Jupiter also known as Brihaspati in Hindu Astrology.

Jupiter is a benefic planet and Yellow Sapphire is a powerful gemstone. In general people with Sagittarius and Pisces Moon sign can wear Yellow Sapphire. For a more rewarding and result oriented Gem Recommendation one has to analyses the posited of Jupiter/ Guru in the birth chart Horoscope.

No there is no substitute for Yellow Sapphire, both are totally different stones. Just says own colour, otherwise no similarity, S.G.(specific gravity ), R.I. (refractive index) and microscopic view, everything is different. You will never get the result from Golden Topaz or citrine which u will get from Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj).

Lowest Quality
Treatments:-Diffusion treatment applied using Beryllium, Color intensifications by elucidation, Color filling by resin etc.
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 500 – 3000 per Carat.
Color tone:-Highly opaque with deep yellow or orange tones.
In Astrology:-Not effective, not recommended.
Medium Quality
Origin:-Bangkok, Sri Lanka
Treatments:-Gently treated
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 3000 – 7000 per carat.
Color tone:-Very light yellow or golden tone, slightly opaque, less in
In Astrology:-Effective and Recommended.
High Quality
Origin:-Sri lanka, Burma
Treatments:-No treatments
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 7000 – 25000 per carat.
Color tone:-Good in transparency, Luster and Yellow color tone with no inclusions
In Astrology:-Very effective and recommended
Very High Quality
Origin:-Sri Lanka, Burma, Brazil
Treatments:-No treatments.
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 25000-80000 per carat.
Color tone:-Very good yellow/golden color with brilliant luster, absolutely transparent with no inclusions.
In Astrology:-Most effective and highly recommended

Benefits of Natural Yellow Sapphire

Wear Pukhraj if you are facing problems related to marriage or not getting a perfect match for yourself, especially in case of ladies. It also benefits people who are involved in academics like higher studies or teaching. It will also benefit you if you are stressed or surrounded by negativity and will help you gain positivity, encouragement & hope.

Who can wear Natural Yellow Sapphire?

Pukhraj is the gemstone of Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) & Pisces (Meen Rashi). Ascendants of Aries (Mesh Rashi), Cancer (Kark Rashi), Leo (Singh Rashi) and Scorpio (Vrishchak Rashi) can also wear Pukhraj.

How to wear Natural Yellow Sapphire?

Pukhraj should be worn in the Index Finger (First Finger) on Thursday morning at dawn. Before wearing dip it into cow milk or Gangajal for at least 10 minutes. According to Vedic Astrology, Pukhraj keeps on influencing the wearer for 4 years, 3 months and 18 days.

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